Thursday, 7 June 2012

Survivors of Necropolis: No Chance in Hell

The army truck looked like it would be easily accessible from a distance. But it was as much a trap as the city as a whole was: a slowly closing and deadly deathtrap with no possible escape.

Two groups of survivors slipped through the ruins toward the truck, hoping to pack up on ammo and gain some kind of hope of survival.

But as soon as they started to close on the vehicle they were swamped from all sides. Shambling zombies and gigantic crackling bugs hemmed them in, dragging them to the ground and devouring them. 

They ran. The fired their remaining shots. They climbed over rubble and walls, snuck from one shadow to another. But there was no way forward really. No way to reach their goal.

The goal was an illusion.

They would not be reaching the truck or the ammunition, if it even existed.

They would die, one by one.

And those that didn’t die would run screaming into the night, out of ammunition now and truly defenceless in a city of unending horror.  

Ana & Joao vs Tim & Gill