Friday, 3 June 2011

Spotlight On... The Coaching Inn

My son Horatio is a bit of a master house builder and while I was busy working on my Market Hall, he was pottering away creating this beauty:  

We kind of use it as a coaching inn and Horatio went all out to outdo me on intricacy and quality.

The basic structure is cardboard with balsa wood as the timbers and corrugated card as the roof tiles. The windows are made from wire mesh bought at Homebase in a sheet but Horatio went to a lot of effort to get those oddly shaped window frames perfected.

I was the one who painted it, tying the slate colour in with my own buildings and doing the walls... Deneb Stone and Bleached Bone, maybe Kommando Khaki? You know, I don't remember now. I was aiming for natural fairly bland colouring.

I really like it.

Here's hoping Horatio will return to house building this summer now he's back from university at the end of his second year.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good! Love the arches, it gives so much more character to the building! I hope to do something like this once I get more storage space.