Monday, 4 April 2011

ORIGIN OF EVIL: Scenario One – Occupation

It’s July in the year 1940 and two days have passed since the Nazis invaded the Channel Islands
With little to no resistance, but after a period of bombing, German troops have occupied Jersey and the other islands and are now working to establish a tight rein on the inhabitants so that the island can be used as a staging post in the war against Great Britain
However, unbeknownst to the Nazis, Jersey is not just home to innocent citizens. Dark forces exist here who do not take kindly to this invasion and are about to take steps to end it
Nazi Captain Johan Krieger is a nasty piece of work. He was disappointed that the people of Jersey surrendered without bloodshed and very much wants to kill someone. However he feels that he needs a good reason to justify cold-blooded murder. To this end, he has taken a squad of men with him into the village and plans to brutally beat up villagers one at a time, hoping to get them to fight back. If they do he will kill them
Meanwhile, Jacob Rainier, a darkly clad young man, is trying to make his way through the area while keeping hidden from the Nazi soldiers

A 4’ x 4’ board comprising a small town with a central square. Some of the buildings may be ruined
8 assorted generic villagers. They count as Normal Humans
Jacob Rainier: a mysterious individual very keen not to be caught by the Nazis
1 Nazi Officer: Johan Krieger and 4 Generic Nazi soldiers plus 4 German Sentries
All figures are armed as modelled
The villagers are deployed individually throughout the village with at least 12” between them. None may be deployed closer than 12” to the centre of the square
Although they are moved by the Protagonist player they may not move unless directed to by Nazi soldiers or if forced to by a roll on the table below under Special Rules
Jacob Rainier is deployed on the Stalking Board on one board edge and may move freely
The Nazis are deployed in the centre of the village. Krieger functions as an individual and the soldiers function in two clusters of two. The Sentries are deployed facing in any direction in the centre of each board quadrant and may not move unless they spot Jacob Rainieror if Krieger is in danger
Krieger wants to kill a villager or two. His objective is to either knock out, take to Devil’s Door or kill all of the villagers. He may only use his gun if in danger.
If his life is at risk his only priority is to flee off the board 
The Nazi soldiers have instructions to keep an eye out for anyone hiding.
If Jacob Rainier is discovered, the Nazis must knock him out or take him to Devil's Door and then move into base contact with him to take him captive
Jacob Rainier has the following priorities:
  1. Survive
  2. Leave the board by the opposite board edge from deployment
Krieger may not move more than 6” from the centre of the village square UNLESS his life is at risk
The German soldiers can force villagers to move with them by rolling a success with one dice. Multiple soldiers can roll a dice each. If a 1 is rolled then the villager will flee. The villager’s priority becomes leaving the board safely as quickly as possible
Krieger must beat each villager with one bash dice per attack. Each time a success on the attack is scored, the Protagonist player rolls 1d10, checking the result on the following table:
Die Roll
No effect
Villager flees as above
Villager attacks Krieger with 1 bash dice
Villager turns into a Werewolf and may act freely

If there is no effect, Krieger must continue to beat the villager until they are knocked out, are reduced to Devil’s Door or they respond in one of the ways listed on the table
If they flee or attack back, Krieger or his men may kill them freely. If they turn into a Werewolf then Krieger must flee while his men fight the beast

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  1. Man, I can't wait to see the report of this game. In fact, I'm a tad jealous that I'm not playing against those nazis!