Friday, 1 April 2011

Gaining Experience: Learn Fast or Die

Necropolis provides a tough environment in which to survive. Characters either get killed or learn very quickly how better to keep living.

To reflect this, characters gain skills depending on how many games they have survived. A character will receive a skill after surviving their 1st game, their 3rd game and every three games after that.
For example: Jack has survived two games. After surviving the first he gained a skill. He didn’t get one after his second but will get one after his third.
He won’t get any skills for the two games following that but will get one for the game after that and every third game from then on.
Available Skills
The following skills are available.
Skills may only be taken once apart from Hardened which may be taken a maximum of twice.
It may seem illogical for characters to spontaneously learn certain skills (such as pilot). This can be justified in various ways, such as that they knew all along "but hadn't mentioned it," or perhaps they've reached a point of desperation where they're willing to try anything and have a natural knack for it. Or perhaps they've found a text book in an abandoned building and are very quick learners!

3 extra Okay Injury Slots
Character can run 1 colour faster (may receive multiple times to GREEN max)
Character may be deployed anywhere on the board out of sight of an enemy and more than GREEN from any objective
Opponents must subtract 1 Dice from all attacks if the character's last action was to run
Opponents must subtract 1 Dice from all close combat attacks
Character adds 1 Bash Dice to all attacks made from base contact
First Aid  
Character may add +2 to assisted Heal Rolls rather than +1 and may add +1 to their own Heal Rolls
If attempting a technical action then one less success is required. One action is still required as a minimum
Quick Load
Character does not need to spend an action to reload
Expert Driver
Character always rolls one extra Control Dice when driving
Character is able to pilot aircraft
Rapid Fire
Can shoot 3 times if using 2 actions
Halves Spotting distance

 For example: In Lost in the Wilderness, both Jack and Jensen are now eligible for a skill.
Jack takes Hardened… and so does Jensen.
Making characters more survivable, Hardened is a good choice as a first skill for all characters.

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