Monday, 31 January 2011

LOST IN THE WILDERNESS: Starting Characters

With a brand new campaign, we’ll be starting off with a group of Protagonists and watching their progress over the coming months as they struggle to stay alive being hunted by dark beasts and undead monsters.
Some characters won’t make it and as time goes on, the survivors will meet and make friends with new characters who will join their group. If they aren’t killed, the survivors will quickly learn skills and gather weapons that will help them to survive.
That’s if they survive…
Scenario 1 will see five friends finding themselves in the middle of a zombie infested town. Not all of them will make it but let’s find out who they are while we still can.
For now we’ll just touch on their personalities. We don’t want to get too attached just yet.
Jack is a cocky young ladies man: tall and athletic, with a love of fast cars and late night drinking binges.

Jack’s latest conquest: a flirty nineteen year old whose only interests are clothes, TV and dating.

Andrew’s college roommate: a dour grim-faced individual with a hearty spontaneous laugh and a good bond of friendship with Jack.

A slightly aloof young woman whose career is already on the fast track. She's hanging with the group because she hopes to get together with Herman, even though she finds herself coming into regular conflict with Jack.

The joker of the group but a brave young man with a protective eye on Victoria.

Only time will tell which of them will survive...

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