Friday, 4 February 2011

LOST IN NECROPOLIS: Scenario One - Stalking Death

Five government agents and a supporting SWAT team have been sent by their superiors to an almost deserted city that does not appear on any map.
Their mission is to investigate the disappearance of a large number of children in the area, but information beyond this is sketchy. The investigators have been charged with ascertaining the cause of the disappearances, arresting the individual(s) responsible and, if possible, safely securing the children and returning them home.
Further orders are to be given on-site but no indication has yet been provided why such a large measure of firepower is required. The SWAT team have been ordered to treat the environment as extremely hostile.
Some of the missing children have been located, tied up in a building. The investigative team are to retrieve the children and scout the area while the SWAT team remain in reserve. If resistance is encountered the SWAT team will be sent in to provide support.
6’ x 4’ board covered in densely packed sinister-looking buildings, some intact, some in ruins. There are two or three possible locations where the group’s helicopter can be landed. In the centre of the board is a large ruin.
Kate, Marlow, Brock, Annie, Carl
Stacy, Brett, Dugan, Lillian, Curtis
All characters are fully armed as modelled with full reloads.
Split the group up. Place one male investigator in the centre of three of the board edges. Place the two women together in the centre of the fourth.  
Vampires! And one human Thrall (controlled by the vampires to protect them)
A Vampire Lord, two Vampire Ladies and four Vampire Children masquerading as real children.
Four Vampire Children are deployed all tied up in the ruin at the centre of the board, masquerading as normal children. They cannot be moved until they are untied by the Protagonists. Untying the children takes 4 actions (that may be distributed across the group).
The Thrall is deployed on the Stalking Board. Use the stats for a Serial Killer for the Thrall.
The remaining vampires are also deployed on the stalking board but may not reveal themselves until after the children have been revealed as vampires.
No vampire may reveal itself within 18” (WHITE) of another vampire.
The Vampire Lord may not reveal himself until after the women have been killed. 
The Investigators must rescue the children while defending themselves from attack.
If possible they should eliminate any hostile forces in the area.
If the opposition proves too strong for them (they lose three or more characters) then they should withdraw by helicopter.
If the helicopter is not accessible then they may flee off the board on foot.
If the Investigators come into contact with opposition they cannot easily repulse they may call in the SWAT team. The SWAT team will land their helicopter four turns after the call is made. It costs two actions to put in the call.
Stakes can be fashioned in any building by spending 4 actions smashing up furniture.
All Antagonists are trying to kill as many characters as possible.
One of the keys to this scenario is the secrecy – keeping the fact that vampires are the enemy from the Protagonist player until the children are untied. It’s debatable whether this adds to the game or not but it certainly provides challenges to the scenario writer.

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