Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Quick Tour of Necropolis

This was the board layout used for Stalking Death; a "typical" Necropolis scenery set.

The buildings were created over the course of an eleven year period, initially for Games Workshop's Mordheim game and then later for Necropolis itself. There's a mixture of ruined buildings (so figures can go inside them) and unruined ones (that look a bit nicer). There’s several Warhammer 40,000 buildings in there too. These work well as they’re big and easy to move men through.

I’ve gone through a lot of different philosophies of making buildings over the years but am now leaning toward concentrating on getting the scales and believability better. Some of the roof tiles on our old buildings were bigger than me!

Another major factor is getting the buildings to form streets – is that good or too restrictive? And what about pavements? At one time I had pavements for the whole board with working street lamps – the wires going under the pavements. It’s not working right now but I ought to get that going again.  

Nowadays I tend to make many of my buildings on the same size base that I overlap a little to give a suggestion of a pavement. As they’re all the same size (the Games Workshop ones and the Market Hall are the examples here) they fit together to form streets much much easier.

It’s a developing project. I have quite a few unmade 40k buildings and my Last Chance War campaign is encouraging me to make a lot more Warhammer medieval buildings.

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