Wednesday, 2 February 2011

LOST IN NECROPOLIS: Starting Characters

The second campaign storyline we're going to be running here is going to have a slightly different feel to it.

This one is going to feature rather more powerful Protagonists – law enforcement officers who start the game armed to the teeth – and it’s actually going to be set in Necropolis: the city of the damned.

Over time as our heroes are whittled down they will inevitably be joined by non-police survivors but we’ll be keeping a law enforcement spin as long as casualties allow.

Let’s meet the characters:

We have a principal team and their back-up.

The principles are government agents who have ostensibly been sent to the city to investigate a spate of crimes in response to an anonymous tip, but they may be more going on than there seems to be...

From left to right:

Marlow is a long standing and jaded agent who has seen everything. His heart is in the right place but he has forgotten how to communicate civilly.

Kate is the leader of the team: all business and very much by the book. She has advanced through knowing more than anyone else around her and through canny and decisive action. She is cautious and controlled, more than capable of achieving her goals and staying alive.

Brock is Kate’s partner, a clever man with an open sense of humour and a gentle heart. He’s also a ruthless killer if the need arises and privately has a shoot first policy if his colleagues are in danger.

Annie is the youngest member of the team and something of a braniac. At the academy she scored highly in every area, especially shooting but she plays it down amongst her co-workers. She likes to be seen as feminine.

Carl is brash and loudmouthed but he always gets the job done.

Backing the agents up is a heavily armed and armoured SWAT team, available to be called in by chopper if an investigation turns ugly.

From left to right we have:
Stacy, Brett, Dugan, Lillian and Curtis. All are highly trained individuals that we will get to know more if they survive their first mission.

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