Thursday, 31 March 2011

LOST IN THE WILDERNESS: Scenario Three - Creeping Crawlers

Jack and Jensen survived the attack of the ghouls – but barely. Now, both at Devil’s Door, they have been left in the lair of the ghouls waiting for their attackers to return and devour them.
But a group of bikers are in the area. If Jack and Jensen can call to them, maybe they will come and get them out of there.
However the ghouls have left behind some surprises to deter escape. 
4’ x 4’ dense woods and lakes. In the centre of the board is a roughly circular Ghoul lair approximately 8” across made from rocks, trees, swamp and foliage.
Jack and Jensen from the previous scenario. Bikers: Nazi, Skipper, Sparky, Spike and Grace.
Characters are armed as modelled apart from Jack, who has a hammer.
6 Blood Roaches & 6 Swamp Maggots initially; then 1 Ghoul Pack consisting of 2 Ghouls and a Ghoul Hound coming on from reserve

Jack and Jensen are lying down in the heart of the ghoul lair. They are both at the lowest health bar of Devil’s Door but will continue to heal as normal during the game
The bikers are deployed in at least two groups with no more than three bikers in each group. Each group starts the game in the centre of a board edge of their choosing (no more than one group per board edge)
The bugs are deployed on the Stalking Board in clusters of two. Stalking points are only placed outside the ghoul lair and within 12” of the edge of the lair. Place 24 stalk points in the possible area
The Ghoul Pack becomes available after there has been some gunfire. Two successes must be rolled on two dice for them to be deployed. Roll at the beginning of each Antagonist turn after guns have been fired. They move on during their turn from any board edge
The Protagonists have the following priorities in order:
  1. Survive
  2. Get Jack and Jensen safely off the board
  • Eliminate the Protagonists
The bugs will not enter the Ghoul lair under any circumstances

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