Tuesday, 5 July 2011

LOST IN THE WILDERNESS: Scenario Four - Drive For Your Life!

Jack and Jensen have escaped from the ghouls but Skipper and Sparky are chasing them. They blame Jack and Jensen for the deaths of their friends and want to kill them. 

Meanwhile the Wilson family are fleeing for their life by car through the countryside. They've narrowly avoided a horde of zombies crowding onto the road but a little further on they've come up against another horde, blocking their path. Their only hope is to drive back up the road and seek shelter in a house they recently passed.  

An 8’ x 4’ board with a long road. Near one end of the board, a second road leads off from the first ending at a house. Off the road is generic countryside: clusters of trees, ponds, bushes, etc.

Jack and Jensen plus the Wilsons: Bill & Betty (the parents), Carly & Rick (children) and Mai Ling (the sexy Asian au pair)
Skipper and Sparky from the biker gang plus a horde of zombies
All figures are armed as modelled apart from Jack who has a hammer. Jensen has a pistol; Bill has a shotgun and cricket bat, Betty has a shotgun and hockey stick, Carly has a baseball bat and dustbin lid shield, Mai Ling has a pistol and Tommy has a crowbar. 

Skipper and Sparky have machine guns. 

The Wilson family is deployed standing outside their car. The car is placed 18" away from one end of the road going off the board edge. 
Jack and Jensen are deployed on the long board edge away from the house 24" in from the end furthest away from the Wilsons. 

Skipper and Sparky are deployed in the corner of the board closest to Jack and Jensen.

Twenty zombies are deployed in a horde blocking the road near to the Wilson's car. They must all be placed within 12" of the board edge. 

Twenty zombies are deployed in a horde blocking the road at the far end of the board, also within 12" of the board edge. 

Twelve more zombies are deployed in clusters of three. They may be deployed anywhere as long as they are 12" from any protagonists and from another cluster. 


The zombies want to kill all humans.

Skipper and Sparky want to:
  1. Survive 
  2. Kill Jack & Jensen

Jack, Jensen & the Wilsons want to:
  1. Survive 
  2. Get to safety in the house

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  1. Awesome!!! And that house looks very sinister from a distance! Well done!