Wednesday, 6 July 2011


The Wilsons are the latest characters to be joining the LOST IN THE WILDERNESS campaign thread. 

Of the three campaign story lines I have going, Lost in the Wilderness is the most prolific so far (mainly because my wife is more up for games than my friends at the moment). 

As regular readers will know, the idea of the campaigns is to have an ongoing story with characters joining and leaving as they are killed. There has been quite a high body count so far so it will be interesting to see how long it will be before I run out of miniatures!

 Let's meet the Wilsons.

From left to right, we have:


The father and husband. Bill is a tough guy who up until recently has not had an opportunity to show it. Working in an office did not prepare him for life on the run from supernatural creatures, but he has risen to the challenge, willing to do anything to protect his kin.


Bill's wife; Betty is a traditional stay-at-home mum with good family values and the same passion as her husband when it comes to protecting her children. She would gladly lay down her life for them, even hopelessly.


The eldest child but still very young, Carly is a little precocious but generally a good egg. The things she has seen lately have terrified her but the reassurances from her parents that everything will be alright have strengthened her. She is very confident in their protection.


The youngest child, Rick finds the current developments more exciting than scary. He isn't stupid - he knows he can't win a fight against anything by himself - but he is fast on his feet and can usually run clear of any trouble.


The family's au pair, assisting Betty with looking after the children day to day. She is a little sullen, feeling that she is not really needed, but exceptionally pretty. She has her eye on Bill and secretly fantasises about stealing him away from his wife.

Let's see how they fare in their first game...

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