Friday, 1 July 2011

LOST IN THE WILDERNESS: Getting to Know Jack

In the near future, I hope to be playing my LOST IN THE WILDERNESS: Scenario Three - Creeping Crawlers.

To get me in the mood, let's take a closer look at our primary protagonist, Jack. He's the longest living survivor of the previous Lost in the Wilderness adventures and has earned a skill As such, it's probably worth investing a little time to broaden his background so that we care more about him.

Hopefully he won't get killed right away after going to this effort!!!


We already know that Jack is a cocky young ladies man: tall and athletic, with a love of fast cars and late night drinking binges, but there is a lot more to him than that. 

Jack was a grade A student well on his way to a high level of academic success and already enrolled into a top university. He came from a good family home with loving parents and his best friend was a pretty girl named Alison. 

There wasn't a whiff of romance between Jack and Alison until the day he was about to leave to go to university. Realising she was going to lose him, Alison declared her love for him. Without knowing it himself, Jack had long since been in love with her and the two of them eloped, abandoning Jack's education. 

His parents refused to talk to him or help support him and one year later, he and Alison were living out of a seedy flat above a video shop. Jack had casual work at an off-licence and Alison was heavily pregnant. 

All of their dreams had ended in a harsh and uncomfortable reality and though they still loved one another, the difficulties of life induced terrific strain on their relationship. A lapsed insurance policy and some bad luck had put them horribly in debt. With the baby on the way and Alison's stomach bloating out, Jack realised they had little hope but to reestablish contact with his parents. 

But they still refused to meet him. 

Jack and Alison drove round to see them at the mansion but the confrontation ended in a shouting match. Jack's mother refused to even see him. Furious and desperate, Jack drove away from his parent's house. 

But he was careless in his anger. He lost control on the wet road and the car clipped the front of a truck coming in the opposite direction at sixty five miles per hour. 

The entire half side of Jack's car was shorn away, taking Alison and the baby in her stomach with it. 

Three seconds later it was all over and Jack stepped out of the wreckage completely unhurt. 

Everything had been ruined. All his potential for life had been stolen from him. What could have been a perfect life had become a wasteland of regret and despair. 

And in his blackened mind, Jack traced it all back to the day when Alison had first declared her love for him. He realised now that that moment of perfect romance had led to all of this. Their love had ruined his life and destroyed hers.

And so Jack changed his life. 

Never more did he seek out dreams of long-term happiness or love. His was a life of ephemeral pleasure; women, liquor and partying as he fell in with an entirely new group of friends. 

Alison was lost to him forever, and so was happiness. 

Pleasure was all he had left. 

Or it was. 

Until he became... Lost in the Wilderness.

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