Saturday, 23 July 2011

Here Come the Nazis

Well I FINALLY got round to painting the first batch of Nazi miniatures for my upcoming Origins of Evil campaign.

These are Sentries that I bought from Foundry miniatures, where they have a quality extensive range. Obviously the guy with the dog is particularly cool.

To paint them I used a range of GW colours: Regal Blue, Hawk Turquoise, Shadow Gray and Codex Grey. For the weathering round the base of the coats I went with Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone.

This next squad are regular infantry.

I'm particularly looking forward to this game. I really love the way these guys turned out.

But here's the real villain of the story. I'm planning to keep him alive as long as possible (unless the werewolf gets him): Captain Johann Kreiger!

Stay tuned. I'm now working on the civilians these guys are going to be roughing up in my Occupation scenario.

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