Saturday, 26 March 2011

LOST IN NECROPOLIS: Scenario Two - Curse of the Mindolar

The group of investigators and their attendant SWAT team have flown for over an hour in their helicopter, searching for the edge of the city but there is no edge visible. The city seems to stretch on forever. And now they’re running low on fuel.
Finding a spot to land that isn’t far from a petrol station, the protagonists set off through the ruins to get fuel. But something is lurking in the shadows… and watching: a Mindolar– a huge slug-like creature capable of controlling the minds of other creatures.
A 6’ x 4’ board filled with city ruins. At one end of the board is an open area where the helicopter is parked.
The survivors from the previous scenario: Kate, Brock and Annie (Investigators) & Stacy, Brett and Lillian (SWAT Team)

A Mindolar
The Mindolar begins the game in control of one Protagonist. Its priorities are as follows:
1)      Survive
2)      If possible, take control of all Protagonists
3)      If control not possible, kill all Protagonists
With one of their number already controlled by the Mindolar, the Protagonists priorities, in order of preference, are as follows:
1)      Survive
2)      Kill the Mindolar
3)      Knock out controlled characters rather than killing them
4)      Kill controlled characters as a last resort
5)      Flee by helicopter if necessary

Protagonists are armed as modelled
Stacy and Annie are deployed within 6” of the helicopter
The other characters are split into three groups of Searchers. Kate and Brock are deployed together. Brett and Lillian and deployed separately. All Searchers must be deployed more than 24” from the helicopter. Each Searcher group must be deployed more than 18” away from the next
The Mindolar is deployed on the Stalking Board on the talk point closest to Lillian. Lillian begins the game under the control of the Antagonist player

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