Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Screaming for Help

Calling Out
Characters in Necropolis can Call Out during their turn without spending any actions to do so.
This might be a cry for help or a call to attract the attention of some zombies to draw them away from a certain area. Or perhaps they are searching for someone who is lost.
Calling Out has a range of 18” (WHITE). Unaware models within range will become Aware of the calling out characters. For zombies, for example, if humans Call Out, the zombies must move toward them if (a) they are closer than the characters they were already pursuing or (b) they can no longer see their quarry  
If Protagonists are Unaware, and thus unavailable for movement, they may be activated by characters Calling Out within their range.
Risks of Calling Out
When a character Calls Out, roll 1d6. On a 5+, 1d3 low level Antagonists are deployed on a random board edge at the beginning of the next Antagonist turn. The default here is zombies, but something appropriate to the scenario being played can be chosen in preference. The new Antagonists are Aware.

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