Friday, 4 March 2011

LOST IN THE WILDERNESS: Scenario Two – Hunted

Jack and Victoria, the two survivors from Scenario 1, are making their way through the wilderness on foot having narrowly survived the zombie horde, There is a cabin ahead where help might be found but the woods are the dwelling place of a pack of vicious ghouls and their slavering hounds.
The protagonists must reach the cabin and hold up for ten turns. If the cabin is breached they must survive by defeating the ghouls or fleeing off the board.
The ghouls are trying to eliminate all the protagonists.
Jack, Victoria, Jemima, Buddy, Jenson
Jack and Victoria are unarmed. Jemima, Buddy and Jensen are armed as modelled. An axe and a kitchen knife are available in the cabin.
Ghouls and Ghoul Hounds.
One pack comprising two ghouls and a hound initially, then two more packs after the protagonists reach the cabin.
4’x4’ board covered in woodland with a cabin in the centre.
Jack and Victoria are deployed together in the centre of any board edge. The other characters are deployed in the cabin. Jemima, Buddy and Jenson may not act until the other two come within 12” (GREEN) of the cabin.
The initial ghoul pack is deployed in the centre of one of the table edges closest to the protagonist table edge. Further ghoul packs enter play at any point on a randomly determined table edge.
One appears in the turn after Jack and Victoria reach the cabin. The other appears two turns later.
If Jack and Victoria are killed before reaching the cabin, only one ghoul pack appears immediately.

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