Thursday, 17 March 2011

Measuring Distance for Movement Clarified

Measuring Distances
Distance for movement and ranged combat in Necropolis is measured using colours, each colour corresponding to a different distance, as shown on the table below. Characters have bases painted the colour distance they can move.
6 Inches
8 Inches
12 Inches
18 Inches

For example, Duke, a hero, can run Yellow (8”) while a zombie can only shamble Blue (6”).
A machinegun can hit targets up to Green distance away (12”) while a rifle can target opponents at White (18”).
Each range ruler is marked by coloured bands to denote the distance. You will notice that there are two bands for each colour: single and double. The double band denotes the full distance (8 inches in the case of Yellow) while the single band shows half distance (4 inches for Yellow).
This becomes important during movement where running moves the character the full distance (to the double band) and walking moves half distance (to the single band).

Here, we can see that the nurse has walked Blue (3") as she has a blue base edge. Her friend in the green shirt has run Yellow (8").

In game, the colour system gives a very smooth way of remembering and acting on different movement rates and ranges.

This measuring stick was made from a piece of balsa wood sprayed black with the coloured bands painted on.

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  1. This is definitely one of the many great things about this game: the very straight-forward movement rules.