Friday, 25 March 2011

Lethal Dice

The aim of the game with the Necropolis combat system is to minimise dice throwing. Why roll to hit, wound and break armour or cover if a single roll will do it everything?
For a long time, my Lethal Dice system, though streamlined, has still required the player to look up the result on a chart. But no more!
Witness the creation of the Lethal Dice:

When a ten-sided Lethal Dice is thrown, 1-5 is a miss, 6-7 is a pushback and 8-10 do damage.
Purchasing a bunch of black ten-sided dice online, I have blacked out five of the sides – the misses.
Two of the sides (0 & 1) have been painted yellow. These are the pushbacks.
The three remaining sides now show the amount of damage done. So instead of looking up the damage on the following table:

Lethal Effects
  The player can see the damage on the die (2, 3 or 4)
I had originally planned to continue to have Pushback cause no damage but considering I now have 0 and 1 as the pushback sides, I’m going to experiment with having that number list the amount of damage done. Therefore it is now possible to take a point of damage from a pushback.
We’ll see how that works but we now have a very elegant way of rolling for damage.
The numbers that come up show which dice are misses, which are pushbacks and how much damage in total is done.

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